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Print your own tickets

The tickets that you download from the link in the confirmation email will render in the format of a normal A4 page PDF document.

Please: Print the page(s) as is, on A4 paper.

Please: Use only black printing (other colors do not scan)

Please: Use a high quality printer so that your bar-code is clearly printed and easily scannable

Please: Set your printer to Best/Highest quality printing (not draft – faintly printed bar-codes will not scan at the event)

Please: Keep the tickets in their original size, as it is, 1 ticket can be printed per A4 page, and any barcode is useable to scan once at the access control.

Please: Keep your tickets safe where the bar-code will not be damaged (do not fold ticket across the bar-code)

Please: Cut the page to separate the tickets from one another – on the dotted lines… (separated tickets scan faster, please consider the rest of the fans that want to enter the event as well)

Please: Protect your ticket as you would with any item of value


Do not attempt to distribute copies of your tickets. Persons presenting duplicate tickets will be refused entry.