Check-In Attendees

Easy Attendee Search

Quickly search for attendees by order number, first or last name. Sort and filter the list of attendees by first name, last name, or check-in status.
QR Code Scanning
Scan QR code on the printed email confirmation or on an attendee’s mobile phone. You can use the camera built into your device for quick scanning!
Barcode Scanning
For faster attendee check-in, connect with any bluetooth enabled barcode scanner to scan the barcodes on confirmation email print outs.


Within your account, you can assign users for your event to check-in attendees at the door.

Real Time Attendance Monitoring

Login as a manager to view all of the check-in activity and real time attendance for the event.

Offline Check-In

 Scanning from different devices at multiple entrances requires connectivity to an online database to catch all duplicate scans. However, Internet connectivity isn’t always stable so we offer both an online to offline fallback option and primary services in the offline validation mode, i.e. validation and syncing to an ‘on-device’ database.
Download the list of attendees to your app at home or in your office where you have internet connection. This makes it possible to check-in attendees at the venue without connecting to internet.