Since Ticket Joint’s business model is all about you the organiser, we really want to help lighten the load of challenges involved in putting together an event.

 Who Can Receive Advance Payouts and How

If you’re organizing an event that’s using Ticket joint for ticketing, you qualify to apply for Advance Payment for your next events. Contact us with the email address on your Ticket Joint account as soon as you reach the total number of events required to qualify.

 Here’s how the Advance Payment program works:

(1) Use Ticket joint to sell tickets to 3 of your next events to qualify

(2) Each event must sell a minimum of 3000 tickets

(3) For your 4th event, make an application for an Advance Payment (application can either be approved or rejected)

(4) Your tickets for your 4th event must start selling a month before the start of the event

When Do I get Paid & How much

(1) You get paid 15 working days before the start of the event

(2) We’ll send you a portion of your gross sales with each Advance Payment (minus our fees). We withhold a small portion of your gross sales in case you need to issue any refunds

The amount we reserve is paid out to you with your final payout five business days after the end of your event, minus our fees and any refund amounts.

There is a cap on Advance Payouts per account at any time.